UK death toll rises by 439 to 5373

More than 1,200 people have died of coronavirus complications in the United States in the past day, John Hopkins University said this morning.

The Baltimore-based university, which has been keeping a running tally of global coronavirus numbers, said there are at least 337,072 confirmed infections in the US with 9,633 deaths.

Mainland China reported 39 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, with all but one of them imported from overseas, up from the 30 reported a day earlier, as the number of asymptomatic cases also surged.

The National Health Commission said in a statement on Monday that 78 new asymptomatic cases had been identified. Only one new death was recorded on April 5, the new data showed.

Japan‘s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is seen moving closer to declaring a state of emergency in a matter of days, after confirmed coronavirus infections in Tokyo surged over the weekend to top 1,000 for the first time, a newspaper report said.

A recent spike in infections sparked concerns Japan is headed for a crisis on the levels seen in the US and several countries in Europe.

Mexico has registered 2,143 cases, an increase of 253 cases from a day earlier, the health ministry said.

The number of deaths linked to the virus rose by 15 to 94.

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